W.K. Cooper II Asset Management provides clients with the best investment advice available. Providing complete and detailed financial solutions is the firms focus and expertise. All clients receive specific and individualized financial plans tailored to their individual financial objectives. A foundation value of the firm is providing counsel, respect and kindness to everyone.
W.K. Cooper II Asset Management Corporation is an independent money management, investment, and advisory firm. The business of managing assets and building long-term relationships is what this firm does best. The world of today is rapidly changing and dynamic. The same holds true for the international economy and financial market. It is now more important than ever that money be managed by a professional with many years of training and experience. Proper asset management requires attention to detail. With the world economy being so interrelated, any number of factors can impact an investment portfolio. Money management is serious business. Financial portfolios are not entities unto themselves. They are owned by human beings who are depending on them for a successful future.

The single most important factor in asset management is risk management. The element of risk must be thoroughly evaluated in every investment decision. The importance of risk management simply cannot be overstated. Risk management must be handled by a professional portfolio manager with many years of experience. W.K. Cooper II Asset Management is a core values based firm. This means that everything a client experiences is derived from a set of core beliefs and standards.